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In ancient legends, we live in the world, hell.
Our bodies exist in the reality visible to the naked eye, that is, the human world.
But our sin exists in hell.
Everyone is guilty, and the end comes, and God will judge our sins.
Open your eyes, you will see from the world the scene of hell, find guilt, you can judge the world.

Puzzle Game, In search of answers we travel between two sides of the world.


[W][A][S][D] : Move
[F] : PickUp\Interact
[E] : Use YinYangEye
[left shift] : Sprint
[left ctrl] : Walk
[left alt] : When you press [w] then press [left alt] you can roll
[left and right mouse key] : Punch
[c] : Crouch
[Space] : Jump
[Tab] : Bag\Menu
[ESC] : Pause

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